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According to legend, told King Sungging Perbangkara went hunting. In the middle of forest the King to urine on caring leaves (keladi forest). A female wild pig named Wayungyang in the middle of imprisoned want to be a human drank the urine. Wayungyang pregnancy and birth to a beautiful baby. Beautiful baby was brought to the palace by his father, and given the name of Dayang Sumbi or Rarasati. Many of the kings who propose her, but one does not have received. Finally, the king in the war between each other.

Dayang Sumbi with her asked a seclude themselves in a hill accompanied a male dog that is Si Tumang. While it is preoccupied weave, toropong (piston) being used to weave cloth fell down. Dayang Sumbi feel as lazy, she said without be thought first, he promised to anyone who get the piston that drop if sex male, will be her husband. Tumang bring the piston and given to Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi finally delivered the baby male given name Sangkuriang. Children are very fond of hunting, he hunting accompanied by Tumang, dog pet palace. Sangkuriang do not know, that dog is the bead of the gods and also him father.

On a day Tumang do not want followed the command to pursue prey animals. But dog is outcasted into the forest. When returned to the palace, Sangkuriang told the incident to him mother. Extraordinarily angry Dayang Sumbi heard the story. She accidentally hit Sangkuriang's head with a spoon of rice that held it, Sangkuriang injured. He was very disappointed and went rogue.

After that incident, Dayang Sumbi extremely regret themselves. She was always very diligent to pray and be imprisoned. One day, the Gods gave her a gift. She will be forever young and has a lasting beauty. After many years itinerate, Sangkuriang eventually intends to return to the homeland. Reach offer there, the kingdom has changed totally. There found a lovely girl, who is not Dayang Sumbi. Dazzled by the beauty of the woman, Sangkuriang propose her to marriage. Because the youth was very handsome, Dayang Sumbi also very stunned him.

On a day Sangkuriang ask farewell to hunt. He requested help Dayang Sumbi to tidy bundle head. Would shocked Dayang Sumbi when she saw the scar on her fiance. Injury like as children who have been injured to go wander. After a long she looking of him, the youth face is very similar to face his son.She became very afraid, so after that she seek power to thwart the efforts of the propose to marriage. She ask the two terms. First, she asks for the youth to stem the Citarum river. And second, she requested Sangkuriang to make a large boat to cross over the river. The two requirements that must be met before the morning break.

That night Sangkuriang do imprisoned. With the power he exert supernatural beings to help finish the job. Dayang Sumbi also secretly snoop the job. Once the work is almost complete, Dayang Sumbi ordered peoples to set off the red silk cloth, in the east of the city. When witnessed the ruddy color in the east of the city, Sangkuriang think the day is morning. He also stopped work. He was very angry because it means he can not meet the requirements requested Dayang Sumbi.

With strength, he was destroyed a dam that maked. There were big floods engulf the entire city. Then he kicked a big boat that maked. The boat fall and drift become a mountain called "Tangkuban Perahu."


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