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Mysteries Mount Bromo



Previously when the gods are happy down to earth, the kingdom of Majapahit to attack from various regions. Residents confused search for the evacuation, as well as with the gods. At the time it is going to the start of the gods to a place, near Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo is still quiet, upright white fog covered. Gods who come to the place in the vicinity of Mount Bromo, sit on the slopes of Mount Pananjakan. In the place that is the sunrise can be seen from the East and set in the West.

Around the Mount Panjakan, where the deities reside, there is also a solitary place. Solitaire is working every day to venerate and silence is just reserved. One day when the blessed, the wife was delivered of a son. Handsome face, bright light. Truly a child born out of the holy spirit bead. Since born, the child's health and reveal a remarkable strength. When he was born, the child may have been solitary cried. Clasp hands very tight, kick his leg is strong. Unlike other children. Baby is named Joko Seger, Joko that means a healthy and strong.

In place around Mount Pananjakan, at that time have a daughter who was born from the bead of the gods. Beautiful face and elegant. He was the only child in the most beautiful spots. Time was born, the child is not the withdrawal baby is born. She was silent, not to cry when you first breathe in the air. Baby was so quiet, born without a cry from his mother's womb. But by her parents, the baby was named Rara Anteng

From day to day body Rara Anteng grow into young girl. Lines clearly visible beauty in her face. Popularly Rara Anteng to various places. Many son of the king apply to married. However, the application rejected by Rara Anteng, because her heart has been attracted to Joko Seger.

One day Rara Anteng apply to married by a famous pirate magic and strong. Rover is very famous evil. Rara Anteng the famous soft heart not dare to reject the applicants who are sacred. So she requested to be made sea in the middle of the mountain. With a strange request, applicant deems that magic will not meet demand. Requested that the sea should be made in one night, which begins at sunset to sunrise when finished. To be able Rara Anteng request it.

Applicants magic before the seas start with a shell tool (coconut shell) and the work is almost complete. Viewing the facts so, careful Rara Anteng nervous start. How do I counteract the oceans that are done by the plow? Rara Anteng think fate, she could not live have husband with person who she does not love him. Then he tried calm herself. Suddenly arise intention to circumvent the employment share.

Rara Anteng start pound of rice in the middle of the night. Slow sound pestle collision and friction build-chicken chicken who was sleeping. Crowing chicken one and another also start, as though dawn has arrived, but people have not started with the morning activities.

Rover heard chicken chicken-crow, but the white thread is still visible east. Means the time before dawn came. After that he think fate unlucky. Shell (coconut shell coconut) is used as a tool that dredge sand throwing event and fall on one's face on the side of Mount Bromo and changed into a mountain called Mount Batok.

Failure to make the pirate seas in the middle of Mount Bromo, make Rara Anteng happiness. He was to continue the relationship with her love, Joko Seger. Later Anteng Rara and Joko Seger as husband and wife pair of happy, because they loved each other.

Couples Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger build settlements and then ruled in the area as the Tengger Purbowasesa Mangkurat Ing Tengger, meaning "ruler Tengger That Kind". The name was taken from the end of the Tengger syllable name Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger. The word also means the Tengger Tenggering Budi Luhur or introduction of high moral, eternal symbol of peace.

From time to time Tengger people live peaceful and prosperous, but the authorities did not feel happy, because after a long pair Rara Anteng and Jaka Tengger merried offspring was also not yet. Then be resolved to ascend to the top of Mount Bromo to be imprisoned with full trust to the Almighty that given offspring.

Suddenly a magical voice that says that they will be imprisoned provided answered but when you have children, the youngest child must be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo, Couples Roro Anteng and Jaka Seger approve and then have 25 children, but the instinct heavy heart old when we did not lose the child. In a word pair Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger broken a promise, God was angry with the threatening and will override catastrophe, then there tempest darkness into the crater of Mount Bromo belch fire.

Kesuma the last children disappeared from sight praisesed fire and go to Bromo crater, at the same loss heard Kesuma unseen voice: "You are my brother-that I love you, I have been sacrificed by our parents and Hyang Widi save you all. Life peaceful and serene, Hyang Widi worship. I remind you that every month KASADA Festival on the 14-day to make offerings to Hyang Widi in the crater of Mount Bromo. This habit is followed by hereditary Tengger people and each year the ceremony was held in KASADA Festival Poten sand and sea crater of Mount Bromo.


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