Friday, March 20, 2009

Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih


Long time ago in a village lived a family consisting of father, mother and a beautiful teenage girl named Bawang Putih (garlic). They are a happy family. Although the father Bawang Putih (garlic) traders only normal, but they are harmonious and peaceful living. But one day the mother Bawang Putih (garlic) sick and eventually died. Bawang Putih (Garlic) very similarly in his father's sorrow.

Live in the village is also a widow who has a child named Bawang Merah (Onion). Since the mother's Bawang putih died, Bawang Merah mother often went to the Bawang Putih house. He often brings food, Bawang Merah help tidy the house or just keep Bawang Putih and shoot the father. Finally Bawang Putih father thinking that it may be best if he just married mother Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih not so lonely anymore. Then Bawang Putih's father and Bawang Merah's mother married. Originally Bawang Merah mother's and Bawang Merah is very good to Bawang putih. However, the nature of long run they began to look authentic. They often bristle Bawang Putih and gave her a job if the father of Bawang Putih are going to trade. Bawang Putih must do all homework, while Bawang Merah's mother and Bawang Merah just sit only. Of course Bawang white father did not know about it, because Bawang Putih never tell to her father.

One day Bawang Putih's father fell ill and then died. Since that time Bawang Merah's mother and Bawang merah more powerful and haphazardly against to Bawang putih. Bawang Putih almost never rest. She should wake up before dawn, to prepare the water bath and breakfast for Bawang Merah and her mother. Then he had to feed the livestock, watering thegarden and wash clothes to the river. But he still must iron the clothes, tidy house, and many other jobs. But Bawang Putih always happy to do the work, because she hopes one day the stepmother will love such as her child own.

This morning as usual Bawang Putih bring basket containing the clothes in the river will wash. She sang with the small paths in the forest edge of a small regular she walk. Today the weather was very bright. Bawang Putih immediately wash all the dirty clothes brought. She fell very happy, Bawang putih not realize that one of the clothes have been brought out flow. Unfortunately the shirt is a lovely shirt her stepmother.

When the think that, clothes's stepmother was too far away. Bawang Putih, try the river to search for it, but did not succeed to find it. With the despair he returned to the house and told to his mother.
"filthy!" Rave stepmother. "I did not want to know, the main thing you need to find the clothes! And do not dare go home if you have not found it. Understand? "

Bawang Putih forced to obey the wishes her stepmother. She immediately wen to place the river washed earlier. The sun has begun to escalate, but Bawang Putih not find clothes for her mother. He installed her eyes, thoroughly looking for each radix stick to the root of the river, the mother who knows clothes get caught in there. After a long stride and the sun is slanting to the west, Bawang Putih saw a rancher who is bath him buffalo. Bawang putih then ask: "O good uncle, do you see the red shirt who wander through here? Because I have to find and bring it home. " "Yes I see the bud earlier. If you pursue quick, you may be able to pursue, "said the uncle. "Ok uncle, thank you!" Said Bawang Putih and immediately ran back the river bank.

Day has begun dark, Bawang Putih have started despair. The night will soon arrive, and Bawang putih. From a distance appear to light the lamp that came from a hut in the river bank. Bawang putih immediately came to the house and knock the door.

"Excuse me ...!" Said Bawang putih. An old woman opened the door. "Who are you kid?" ask the grandmother.
"I'am Bawang putih grandmother. Earlier I'am looking for a dress my mother that away in the river. And now benighted. Can I stay here tonight? "ask Bawang putih.
"Can. Are you looking for a shirt red? "Ask grandmother.
"Yes granmother. What is ... u find it? "ask Bawang putih.

"Yes. Earlier clothes that get caught in front of the house. Unfortunately, when I like that dress,"said the grandmother. "Okay I will return it, but you must first stay here for a week. I do not have long conversation with anyone, how? "Fate grandmother.
Bawang Putih think a moment. It seems lonely grandmother. Bawang Putih also felt compassion.
"Nek Okay, I will accompany a grandmother for a week, the grandmother is not bored with it," said Bawang Putih smile.

Bawang Putih for a week to stay with the grandmother. Bawang Putih every day to help grandmother's the work house. Of course, the grandmother feel happy. Until eventually even have a week, a grandmother also called Bawang Putih."Nak, you have a week to stay here. And I am happy because you're a studious child and kind. Therefore, it is appropriate my promise you can bring home your mother shirt. And one more, you can choose one of two pumpkin as a gift!" Said the grandmother.

Initially Bawang white refused grandmother give the gifts but grandmother force her. Bawang putih finally choose the most small pumpkin. "I'm afraid, canot to bring a big one," she said. Grandmother was smiling and deliver Bawang Putih untill to the front house.

Reachhe at home, Bawang Putih give a red shirt to her stepmother owned while she went to the kitchen to chop the yellow pumpkin. Would surprise Bawang Putih when pumpkin split it, there appeared to contain a gold jewel is very large. She shout so happy and told the wonderful things to her stepmother and Bawang Merah with a greedy suddenly seize the gold and the jewel. They force Bawang Putih to recount how she can get these gifts. Bawang putih told with honest.

Hear the story of Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah and her mother plan to do the same thing but this time Bawang Merah will do it. In short word, Bawang Merah reache in the house grandmother in the river. Such as Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah also be required to accompany for a week. Not like Bawang putih that diligent, for a week of Bawang Merah only sit Lazy.

Even if there is then the result is never good because it always works with the origin-derived. Finally after a week that grandmother allows Bawang Merah to go. "The grandmother should be given the pumpkin as gifts because i had accompany for a week?" Ask Bawang Merah. Grandmother had told Bawang Merah select one of two of the pumpkin offered. Quickly Bawang Merah take a large pumpkin and without thanked to her swing away.

Reach in the house Bawang Merah immediately to meet her mother and happyly show the pumpkin that brought. For fear of Bawang Putih will ask for it, they told Bawang Putih to go to the river. Then they can not wait to rip the pumpkin. But was not gold jewel that is out of the pumpkin, but animals such as venomous snakes, scorpions, and others.

Animals that directly attack and onion until his mother died. That is the reward for people who are greedy.

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