Friday, October 10, 2008

The Mouse Deer Stole The Cucumber

Dejectedly his cucumber was still being stolen by the animal from the forest although installing the doll (the statue from wood that was given clothes and the shirt until being similar to the real person) in the paddy-field to intimidate them, Mr Farmer intended to carry out few innovations. Apparently the thief knew that the doll of only statues completely, so as not again frightened. Moreover the thief dared to ridicule the object. By borrowing the technique caught birds with pulut (very sticky latex of the jackfruit tree) -- Mr Farmer smeared his doll with pulut while hoping the animal will adhere to the doll.

It was really lucky that fate of Mr Farmer and really unfortunate fate of the animal that finally really had been trapped to the statue. At first the animal, that evidently was the mouse deer ridiculed the doll with words, was followed with dismissed the tongue, installed the index finger beside the right-left head and was ended by kicking the doll with foot him that was small. "Gubraaak!" And foot Kancil also adhered to latex that was smeared in foot the doll. Efforts rammed even made his head take part in adhering. His condition was more again serious the time Kancil struck the doll with his tail. Be his body adhered tight to the paddy-field doll.

Sir Farmer that came home from looking for firewood in the whistling forest cheerful when seeing the thief did not move in his paddy-field. "Tralala Trilili, Cihuiiii!" Siul him while imagining his cucumber will not be stolen again and ate at night this time will be accompanied by satay of the mouse deer of the pepper spice. "Nyam nyam nyam, mouse deer satay niceeeeeee bok!" He yelled was full of pleasure seemed like the sun smiled especially for him.

A pity was really unfortunate the mouse deer that was tied and imprisoned in imprisonment of the chicken while waiting for his life to end in the burning of satay. But the conduct the sheepdog Mr Farmer that was jealous the time the mouse deer boasted that himself was waiting for the tailor to come to measure clothes for him and Sir the farmer was looking for delicious food in the forest to be served to him -- rescued the mouse deer. The sheepdog that wanted clothes and this "fake" food was prepared to change places by him. He was tied and placed in imprisonment of the chicken, now the mouse deer went to be relax while whistling cheerful.

It was really angry that Mr Farmer to the Dog that was acknowledged as a stupid creature and the greed by him! The creature that be easy was cheated-trick by the enemy Mr Farmer. The creature who could not think logical and chronological in considering a fact. Necessarily the Sheepdog knew that Mr Farmer for months installed the trap for the mouse deer, eee after caughted how come even was released.

Of course The sheepdog that felt himself very competent in the affair looked after the goat did not receive. Acknowledged as Mr Farmer as the not communicative leader by him. The leader who worked unprofessional. Played accused at random! Judged the dog from the field that not his responsibility! . Want to win personally. Think the interests himself. Not had wanted to develop his subordinate! Only want to keep results of farm land and his property livestock breeding without wanting to share information, let alone training his subordinate. Blah! Blah!

"I would daily busy looking after the goat." How could it be that I knew if the mouse deer the catch. Sir Farmer not had communicated that he had the project caught the mouse deer! Wrongly he himself not had divided information into parts! All he kept personally seemed like all was secret!

Afterwards The sheepdog also defended itself when being accused that himself the greed because of wanting clothes and food that were allocated for the other person.

"I had the bad experience about rules of play lack of clarity that was made by Mr Farmer." Yesterday The Horse in tethered in the tree in front of the house, afterwards he was asked to the city and return home-return home brought new shoes and the new saddle. Last week The Cow was tethered in the same tree, and the following afternoon he put on the new bell. The month yesterday The Cat was imprisoned in imprisonment of the chicken, and the following afternoon he put on the necklace from gold. While I was always left alone without being given by the explanation. Why did they get my temporary gift was allowed to work hard without being paid attention to! Did don't blame I when felt was treated unjust!

Mr Farmer fell silent heard words the mouse deer. He was really embarrassed to be found out it was denied by the subordinate personally opposite belasan the other farmer. However he could not do anything because all that was said The sheepdog quite true. Sir Tani did not want to damage his reputation as the strong candidate the village head with punished The sheepdog. Possibly his prospective voters ran to the other candidate because frightened the incident that fall on The sheepdog will fall on them.

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