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In a time, lived one of the fisherman's families in the Sumatran coast of the territory coast. This family consisted of the father, the mother and a male child who were given by the name of Malin Kundang. Because of the condition for the family's worrying finance, the father decided to seek a living in the foreign country by crossing the wide ocean.
Then stop Malin and his mother in gubug they. A week, two weeks, a month, two months in fact already 1 year more the length, the father Malin also did not return to his native village. So as his mother must replace the position of Malin's father to seek a living. Malin including the smart but somewhat naughty child. He often pursued the chicken and struck him with the broom. One day when Malin was pursuing the chicken, he stumbled the stone and his right arms the wound was affected by the stone. This wound became resulting dilengan him and could not be lost.
After moving mature, Malin Kundang felt pity with his mother who threw bones sought a living to increase himself. He thought about seeking a living in the foreign country in the hope that eventually when returning to the native village, he has become a person who was very rich. Malin was attracted by the invitation of a captain of the freighter that previously poor now has become a person who was very rich.
Malin Kundang explained his intention to his mother. His mother originally not all that agreed with the intention to Master Kundang, but because Malin continued to urge, Ms Malin Kundang finally agreed to him although in a heavy-hearted manner. After preparing provisions and adequate equipment, Malin immediately headed towards the quay by being delivered by his mother. "My child, if you had successful and become the sufficient person, don't you forgot with your mother and your native village, son", said Ms Malin Kundang while trickling the tear.
The ship that was gotten on by Malin was increasingly old increasingly far by being accompanied the wave of the hands of Ms Malin Kundang. During was in the ship, Malin Kundang often studied about voyage knowledge to the crew that has been experienced. In the middle of the trip, suddenly the ship that was gotten on by Malin Kundang in attacked by the pirate. All the merchandise things of the traders that was in the ship was seized by the pirate. Moreover most crews and the person that was in this ship was killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang very lucky himself was not killed by the pirates, because when the incident happened, Malin immediately hid in a small space that were closed by wood.
Malin Kundang floated in the middle of sea, till finally the ship that was occupied by him was casted ashore in a coast. With available power, Malin Kundang walked headed towards the village that was closest from the coast. An arrival in this village, Malin Kundang was helped in this village after beforehand to tell the incident that struck him by the community. The place village of Malin was casted ashore was the very fertile village. With perseverance and his perseverance in working, the old Malin to long succeeded in becoming a person who was very rich. He had many freighters with the subordinate that the amount more than 100 people. After becoming very rich, Malin Kundang proposed to a girl to become his wife.
The news of Malin Kundang that became very rich and married until also to the mother of Malin Kundang. Ms Malin Kundang felt grateful and very happy his child was successful. Since that time, the mother of Malin Kundang every day went to the quay, waited for his child who possibly came home to his native village.
After several have for a long time married, Malin and his wife carried out the voyage by the big and beautiful ship was accompanied by the crew as well as his guard that many. Ms Malin Kundang that every day tended his child, saw the very beautiful ship, entered the port. He saw had two people who were standing on the deck of the ship. He be sure that that was standing that was his child of Malin Kundang as well as his wife.
Malin Kundang then descended from the ship. He was welcomed by his mother. After quite close, his mother saw the scar on right arms this person, increasingly was convinced his mother that that he approached was Malin Kundang. "Malin Kundang, my child, why did you go so old without sending the news?" , he said while embracing Malin Kundang. But what happened afterwards? Malin Kundang immediately released his mother's embrace and pushed him until falling. The "woman did not know himself, at random claimed as my mother", said Malin Kundang to his mother. Malin Kundang temples did not recognise his mother, because embarrassed with his mother who has been old and put on tattered clothes.
"The woman your mother?" , the wife of Malin Kundang asked. "Not, he only a beggar that temples claimed as my mother in order to get my wealth", answered Malin to his wife. Heard the statement and was treated arbitrarily by his child, the mother of Malin Kundang very angry. He did not suspect his child of becoming the rebellious child. Because of his anger that was at a peak, the mother of Malin up her face and his hands while saying "Oh God, if true he my child, was cursed by me he became a stone". Was not how long afterwards the wind thundered tight and the horrifying storm came to destroy Malin Kundang's ship. After that Malin Kundang's body slow became stiff and for a long time finally have the shape of became a coral stone.

as a child, did not have forgotten all of parents's services especially to a Ms that contained and increased his child, moreover if to become a rebellious child. Rebellious to parents was one big sin that eventually will be borne personally by the child.


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  2. Hi Muslikhah! I really appreciate your effort in translating Indonesian folktale to English. I found some errors in your translation though! If you willing to, I would like to help you to improve it, you can contact me in my email: fatona.suraya@my.maryvillecollege.edu

  3. Oh goodness. Don't use a direct translator! I can recognize the expression 'banting tulang' from 'threw bones', and it is definitely a direct translation. The grammar can't be directly translated from Indonesian to English; it's not correct.


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